Limited Edition M81 Slingster x Wolf Forty Fundraiser

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Limited Edition M81 Slingster x Wolf Forty Fundraiser

Limited Edition M81 slings are coming back! But this time, sales are going to help out one of the best dudes we know. Some of you may know of him already. But if you don’t, here is @wolf_forty’s story:

"As far as I can remember, it has been my lifelong dream to be a SEAL. When I was in 4th grade my father pulled me out of school to go see my uncle and the “SEAL Base” in Coronado for my birthday. He told me I couldn’t wear camouflage, which I did daily. We got to the base and he walked in to get our visitor badges. I had a set of Woodlands in my backpack and changed before he got back. Then we went into the 1st phase office where my Uncle was an instructor. The Chief of the cell asked me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. I said, “I want to become a Green Beret (Rambo was my favourite movie) or a Navy SEAL.” He said, “a Green Beret?! Go get him wet and sandy!” Everyone started laughing (except me)."


wolf forty slingster m81 woodland ferro fundraiser


"Later in life I accomplished my goal of being a SEAL and was assigned to the west coast teams. I was at my highest point physically and mentally and living my dream job. Then, during VBSS training I fell from a helicopter landing on my head. Shortly after, I sustained a second traumatic brain injury on an oil and gas platform. Neither TBI’s were career ending, but while in the hospital, Doctors found something else. Through brain imagery I was thought to have cancer. With further workup, a spinal tap showed I had in fact what appeared to be the early stage of Multiple Sclerosis. After going through a SOCOM trial of MeRT treatment my symptoms skyrocketed. I couldn’t even write or at times speak, I would forget things like my phone number. It was the hardest time of my life."


wolf forty slingster m81 woodland ferro fundraiser


"Symptoms now tend to come and go but seem to be getting progressively worse. My complete treatment plan consists of both conventional and integrative medical strategies including stem cell therapy. 

My end goal is still the same as the day I was medically retired; get a medical waiver and go back into the Teams. Presently I’m far from that, but still keeping the hatchet sharp in case."

~Wolf Forty


wolf forty slingster m81 woodland ferro fundraiser

With the help of this fundraising effort, we hope to be able to support the costs of his treatment with the goal of leaving no stone unturned in his journey towards healing MS. We stand beside him and are not allowing his dreams to slip away without a fight. 

Sales of M81 slings will include a @wolf_forty sticker. We know there are a lot of good causes out there to support, but for now we are fighting for those near and dear.

wolf forty slingster m81 woodland ferro fundraiser
wolf forty slingster m81 woodland


  • Doug Botha

    Great idea and I my favorite camo is the m81. I do wish you guys would come back out with the aor1 again. Even if it’s for a special cause like this one.

  • Jeremy D Nicholson

    I usually don’t do fundraising efforts as I am a cheap bastard..

    But this year I lost a fellow Marine, Douglas “Montydoom” Montgomery to MS. Montydoom was an amazing Marine who would do anything for a fellow Marine or Veteran… this goes out to him…

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