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The ADAPT Cummerbund was designed to be the lowest profile MOLLE compatible cummerbund on the market. Compatible with The Slickster, FCPC and a wide variety of carriers on the market. It is constructed from 6/12 engineered material which offers loop Velcro along the inside to allow the user to mount Velcro pouches, such as the Turnover pouches,  along the inside. Securely attach a wide variety of accessories such as radio pouches, side armor plates, magazine pouches, etc.  The ADAPT Cummerbund is adjustable front and rear with hook and loop. Sold as a set.


Sizes listed are the actual length of one side of the cummerbund:

  • Small - 20" overall length one side. 10" between velcro
  • Medium - 23" overall length one side. 13" between velcro
  • Large - 26" overall length one side. 16" between velcro
  • Designed in Canada, Made in the USA
  • Berry compliant