Roll 1™ - Trauma Kit Military

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We teamed up with an 18D from Forward Observations Group, who originally designed a prototype IFAK for fellow SOF in Syria. This combination of essentials from North American Rescue are what they ran with and fit seamlessly into the Ferro x FOG Roll 1.


 1x Chest Seal Dressing – Hyfin Compact (Vented) Twin Pack

1x Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit w/Lube – 28F

2x Needle Decompression Kit (ARS) – 10Ga

1x S-Rolled Gauze – 4.5” x 4.1yd

1x Elastic Wrap Bandage

1x Combat Gauze Hemostatic Bandage – Z-Fold

1x Combat Casualty Card

Pouches not included - Roll 1™ Trauma Pouch



  • Fits seamlessly in the Ferro x FOG Roll 1
  • Also fits well in The Dangler® & The Mini Dangler®
  • Vacuum sealed for storage
  • Primary care essentials
  • Made In the USA


We do not sell or ship this product Internationally.