3AC Side Soft Armor

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The 3AC Side Soft Armor is rated at Level IIIa and can be mounted on our 3” Assault Cummerbund as well as the Carry Elastic Cummerbund when used in tandem with the CEC Side Plate Pocket Adapter. Providing full coverage from front to back, this side armor hugs your sides, creates additional airflow, as well as shifting weight from your shoulders to your sides. Offered in three sizes that correspond to the 3” Assault Cummerbund.

  • Compatible with our 3” Assault Cummerbund and FCPC™.
  • Compatible with the Carry Elastic Cummerbund and Slickster™ when used with the CEC Side Plate Pocket Adapter
  • No fuss attachment via hook and loop
  • Offset mounting allows two ride heights for the armor
  • Sold as a set
  • Level IIIa Soft Armor included
  • Full Coverage
  • Supportive design that shifts weight off the shoulders
  • Made in USA

Corresponds with 3" Assault Cummerbund sizes, IE Size Medium  3" Assault Cummerbund pairs with a Medium 3AC Side Soft Armor

Size Medium: 6"x15" - 24.5 OZ

Size Large: 6"x18" - 29.9 OZ

Size X-Large: 6"x21" - 35.7 OZ