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For all Government related quotes and inquiries please email and include the following:

  • Shipping/Billing Address
  • Item Names, Colors, Sizes and Quantities  

A Customer Service Specialist is always happy to answer any questions you may have. However, in an effort to allow us to spend as much of our time as possible on getting bada$$ gear out to you ASAP, we have created a FAQ page of the top 20 questions we frequently get. Kindly review the FAQ's below to see if your question may be answered there prior to emailing us. We won't hold it against you though if you email us, promise.

  1. Do you offer any LEO/Military/Veteran Discounts?  Unfortunately we do not offer a discount on individual purchases, only unit purchases at this time. We do not offer a veteran discount.
  2. How do I place a government order?  Please email
  3. When will <insert item> be back in stock?  All of our products are in the production queue. Please sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed on what is in a restock. SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER. You can also sign up to receive in stock notifications by signing up for them on the product page of the website. We do not take backorders.
  4. Is there a sizing chart for the Bison Belt?  Yes, please find it HERE.
  5. Do your back panels (or other gear) work on other platforms?  No, they were designed for use with our products.
  6. Can I combine orders?  If your packages have not shipped yet then please email us below with both of your order #'s and we will do our best to combine orders.
  7. Can I cancel orders? We will do our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee it. If your order has not shipped yet and we can get to the email in time then yes. Please email us below.
  8. Can I change the shipping address on orders? We cannot guarantee it but if your order has not shipped yet and we can get to the email in time then yes. Please email us below.
  9. Can I edit a current order?  No, please email us to cancel the current order (if it has not shipped) and you will need to place a new order.
  10. Will my plates fit in a Slickster/FCPC?  We created a blogpost on this topic, please review it HERE.
  11. What size of plate carrier do I need?  We created a blogpost on this topic, please review it HERE.
  12. When are restocks?  They vary but we do them as often as we can and as soon as we have a large volume of new product to release.
  13. The item I wanted sold out and I'm not happy.  We are so sorry about that and we share in the frustration. The world changed overnight when COVID19 hit and the entire industry was affected. We don't make materials and other components for our gear and we are at the mercy of other manufacturers as well. There's nothing more that we want than to be able to supply the demand but because this was completely unforeseen. We are doing our very best to try and up our supply. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.
  14. What is the correct way to clean my items?  Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water and hang to dry in a shaded spot.
  15. Are you accepting new dealers?  Unfortunately we are not accepting new stockists at this time.
  16. Do you ship to my country?  We ship to most countries. If you'd like to find out the cost please select an item on the website and proceed to the checkout where you will be given options for country and cost without needing to complete your purchase.
  17. What is your return/exchange policy?  Please visit the RETURNS POLICY page to review our return policy and/or to start a return. We do not do exchanges at this time but you can return your item for a refund and repurchase the new item you would like.
  18. My package is delayed/lost, what do I do?  Ferro Concepts is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Unfortunately many packages are currently delayed right now due to COVID19. Please contact USPS to discuss your concerns around delayed/lost packages. You can also review our SHIPPING POLICY.
  19. Can I get AOR1/AOR2 products? Only if you are a badass and passed SQT.
  20. What is your warranty policy?  Please visit our WARRANTY POLICY for more information.


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