The Single Point Slingster®

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The Single Point Slingster® was developed out of a need to have an adjustable padded sling on sub guns. There are some key differences between The Single Point Slingster® and the regular 2 point Slingster®. This sling can only be used in 1 point configuration. It features a narrower pad as well as a steel welded ring that allows smooth mobility of the weapon from dominant to non-dominant shoulder.

The Single Point Slingster® does however have many of the same features as the 2 point Slingster®. It has a rapid action, rubberized pull tab that allows you to quickly actuate the metal Quick Release Buckle which gives you the ability to go from securely slung to combat-ready in seconds. Additionally, it still features the adjustable shoulder pad that you’ve come to know on the 2 point Slingster®


  • Adjustable pad to maximize comfort
  • Removable pad allowing the use of a naked Slingster®
  • Open ended tail design gives users the choice of mounting hardware. (Mounting hardware not included)
  • Custom injection molded Slingster Pull Tab
  • Custom welded steel common loop
  • Made in the USA

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