CEC Side Plate Pocket Adapter

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The CEC Side Plate Pocket Adapter allows users to simply integrate our Side Armor Plate Set Pro with our 3AC Side Plate Pockets 6x6 to their Carry Elastic Cummerbunds while still maintaining comfort and functionality. Using a pliable thermoplastic, the CEC Side Plate Adapter contours with your cummerbund but is still rigid enough to provide ample support for the additional weight of side plates. Its simple design allows for full use of every cell on the Carry Elastic Cummerbund and gives users the ability to quickly remove their side armor on the fly without removing the cummerbund from their carrier.

  • For use with Carry Elastic Cummerbund
  • Compatible with 3AC Side Plate Pockets 6x6
  • Includes both sides
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant