Retention Collection

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ATTENTION: Due to COVID related manufacturing constraints, assembly of this product has been temporarily moved to Canada. All materials and parts are unchanged and 100% USA made. Any orders that require Berry compliance (Made 100% in the USA) please email


The Retention Collection is a multi-application kit we put together to help with organization of items on your plate carrier, chest rig, or virtually anywhere else. The kit is capable of securing and retaining many items (e.g., PTTs, cables, antennas, tourniquets, chem sticks etc.) in numerous locations.

The kit includes two 20” lengths of 1/8” shock cord mainly for use with the two MOLLE retainer plates. These MOLLE retainer plates act like our popular PTT retainers but with more versatility and allow for mounting of items on vertical or horizontal MOLLE. Also included are two 12” lengths of 1/8” shock cord and two cord locks. These can be mounted however you see fit (around shoulder straps for cable management, though grommet drainage holes for tourniquets, etc.). If you’re still not following, just scroll through the photos and you’ll get the idea.



  • Multiple applications
  • 2x 20” L shock cords
  • 2x MOLLE retainer plates
  • 2x 12” L shock cords
  • 2x Cord locks