The Guss™ - Gas Mask / Utility Storage Sleeve

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Gas Mask / Utility Storage Sleeve (The Guss™) is a flexible storage solution for gas masks, jackets, breaching supplies, or whatever else you can stuff in there! Much like the Roll 1™ Trauma Pouch, The Guss™ is ambidextrous and cinches down with shock cord at both openings to keep your goods secured. The interior features a small section of loop Velcro and a pocket that holds the expandable dust covers.

The Guss™ can be carried in a multitude of ways. If the 6x3 MOLLE section isn’t your thing, you can run it with the included strap that is quickly attached and detached via a split bar buckle on each side of the strap. If two attachment methods weren’t enough, we went and developed an entirely new product as a third option. The Guss™ comes with our new Hangboard™ attachment that converts The Guss™ into a Dangler™. 

  • Flexible storage solution for gas masks, jackets, and more
  • Fits AVON FM 54 style gas masks with filter and voice modulator
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • Dual expandable dust covers
  • 6x3 MOLLE at the rear
  • Includes adjustable waist strap and The Hangboard™
  • Capacity 5 Liters (305 in³)
  • Made in USA