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The newest generation of the Slickster™ has been designed as a minimalistic multi-mission plate carrier for Law Enforcement and Military professionals. As part of the ADAPT Carrier System, it is scalable and customizable with the continually expanding line of ADAPT accessories. From low visibility security and clandestine operations, to high threat direct action missions, the Slickster™ can easily and quickly be adapted to suit your requirements through the use of ADAPT accessories. Simple, low profile and thought out design. Only the plate pockets are included and does not include a cummerbund, providing the end user with a choice of preferred cummerbund.

The standard Slickster rear plate pocket has been replaced with the MOLLE Rear Plate Pocket on this version. This offers extra space to attach MOLLE compatible pouches and packs to suit and adapt the carrier your application.

  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant