TEAR Front Flap

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The Triple Elastic AR (TEAR) Front Flap is an extremely low profile and quick draw option for carrying three AR magazines. The elastic pouches offer a positive retention on the magazines. 

The TEAR front flap includes retention bungees and the S&S Pull Tabs which are removable if open top is needed.

All ADAPT front flaps are designed to work directly with The Slickster, Chesty Rig, FCPC and a wide range of carriers on the market. This system offers mission flexibility allowing rapid attach/detach of the front flaps using the G Hooks and Velcro.

  • Compatible with all of our Carriers
  • Fits magazines for 5.56x45 / .223 / 7.62x39  
  • When using AK magazines we recommend the use of PMAGs only for abrasion
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made In USA