Back Panel MOLLE

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The Back Panel MOLLE allows users to create hot-swappable load-outs for the back of their FCPC V5 or Slickster MOLLE when equipped with our MOLLE Zipper Kit. End users can quickly swap out their Back Panel MOLLE with four tuck tabs and two zippers instead of undoing MOLLE for each item. This opens up the possibility of having several configurations across multiple panels and quickly changing them out on the fly.

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  • Secure attachment points with zippers and tuck tabs
  • Laser cut with precision out of lightweight thermoplastic
  • Six rows and five columns of MOLLE
  • Side Zippers for attachment to the FCPC V5
  • Can be installed on MOLLE compatible carriers with our MOLLE Zipper Kit
  • Only compatible with Ferro Concepts zipper-equipped carriers or when used with the MOLLE Zipper Kit.
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Made in USA