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How to choose the right size of Plate Carrier  We get a lot…and I mean a lot of questions regarding the sizing of a plate carrier. People usually say, “I wear a large shirt, should I get a large Slickster Plate Carrier?” Check this out guys and gals! The size of the carrier has nothing to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the size of your armor plate. When choosing your plate carrier size, you will want to pick it to fit what armor you have.  But here is the tricky part! There are SO many...

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Got a cool request recently for a SD Padres logo sewn into the mesh of an FCPC-ASSAULT SOLUTION

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We want to thank everyone for their patience with the FCPC official release!! Production on the FCPC has already started! The FCPC and it's components will be added as they are completed so keep your eye here: http://ferroconcepts.com/collections/ferro-concepts-plate-carrier We will be adding different items every week!   Thank-you, Ferro Team  

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