TLS Program

Tailored Logistic Support (TLS) – US Military Prime Vendor Program

The TLS program was created to infuse supply chain management best practices into the procurement process of commercial goods and services to the U.S. Government. These best practices incorporate the latest innovations in information technology, supply chain management theory and real world experience to provide improved customer support. The companies chosen as TLS vendors are audited on a regular basis by DLA Troop Support for competitive pricing, overall customer satisfaction and promptness of delivery. The TLS contract allows customers to order specific USA made tactical gear and brand name products to meet their mission requirements and to add new products to fit the scope of the TLS contract. TLS, as a component of DLA, also allows customers to use Military Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) requisitions, government credit cards and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR).

  • Step 1: Before ordering, you must be registered. Click here to view the Customer Guidelines Document which explains the TLS program.
  • Step 2: Once you are ready to register, click here to download the registration form. Further instructions on how to register are in Section 5.3 Customer Registration of the Customer Guidelines Document. Open the form, fill-in the required information and email to:
  • Step 3: Your information will be loaded and you will be contacted by DLA Troop Support to finalize your registration. They will provide you with an order request form.
  • Step 4: Fill out your customer order request form and email to for price inquires and to place orders. Please read the Customer Guidelines Document prior to submitting an order as it provides helpful information about the program and those products and services which you may order.

Alternatively contact any of the TLS Prime Vendor Partners and they will be happy to assist you. A list of TLS Prime vendors is provided below in alphabetical order: