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The 3AC FIRSTSPEAR TUBES® Buckle Kit converts the 3AC cummerbunds front Velcro® attachment into an easy don/doff connection between the front of the cummerbund and front plate pockets of the plate carrier. With this in place, you gain the advantage of keeping your front flap secure and in position without the need to lift it every time you don/doff your plate carrier. MOLLE compatible pouches can still be installed directly on top of the cummerbund side buckle mount. 3AC FIRSTSPEAR TUBES® Buckle Kit requires zero modification to install on the 3” Assault cummerbund and is completely reversible.

  • Genuine 2" First Spear Tubes®
  • Sold as a pair
  • Compatible with the 3” Assault Cummerbund only
  • Constructed with laser cut thermoplastic
  • Does not reflect under IR light/NOD
  • No modification required to 3" Assault Cummerbund
  • Easy don/doff of plate carrier
  • No loss of MOLLE on cummerbund
  • Made in USA