General Purpose Pocket - 6x9

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The General Purpose Pocket - 6x9 is designed to carry things like flashbangs, extra medical supplies, and other essential equipment. It’s perfect for our Kangaroo Front Flap, Back Panel MOLLE, and FCPC V5 rear plate bag.

Featuring an interior loop field, this pouch accommodates the Turnover™ - Triple 556, facilitating organized storage of equipment such as a kestrel, compasses, CAT Tourniquets, or batteries.

Internally, a zippered pocket adds additional organization and an internal cable passthrough allows for routing cables into the pouch for radio batteries.

Occupying 6 columns of MOLLE, the General Purpose Pocket - 6x9 fits perfectly on our Kangaroo Front Flap, 3" Assault Cummerbund, or on the back of the FCPC V5 Base.

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  • Suitable for storing items like flashbangs, notepads, breaching equipment, or extra medical supplies
  • Internal zippered pocket for secure storage
  • Passthrough hole for cable routing
  • Interior lined with loop for attaching items like the Turnover™ - Double Pistol or Turnover™ - Turnover Triple 556
  • Dimensions: 6”x9”
  • Capacity: 2 Liter (122 in³)
  • Made in USA