The Hangboard

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The Hangboard™ is a one-row by six-column section of MOLLE that attaches to carriers just like The Dangler™ and The Mini Dangler™. Utilizing a 3”x9.25” section of hook and loop, The Hangboard can be tucked under front flaps or in the plate bags. Turn things like our 6x5 and 6x9 General Purpose Pockets into Danglers™ for some extra storage or secure things like door charges with some shock cord for quick access! You can think of The Hangboard™ as a universal Dangler™ adapter.

  • Allows for running accessories as Danglers™

  • Can be run with either hook forward or loop depending on need
  • Works as a platform for storing things like door charges

  • Attaches in your plate bag or under your front flap

  • Compatible with any armor carrier that has loop velcro on the front or rear as well as any plate pockets that secure with hook and loop

  • The Retention Collection can be used to tie down items to The Hangboard™
  • Made in USA