MHA Leg Strap Adapter

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MHA Leg Strap. Who knew that a leg strap could be so versatile. This Leg Strap can be easily adjusted for ride height which allows users to truly tailor their MHA to their bodies. Higher, lower, neutral. All up to you. Additionally, the MHA Leg Strap mount can be used with wide straps from other brands however we think the included one is fantastic.

So why would you want to add a leg strap? Extra stability and reduced movement of the holster. If you’re someone who finds yourself shooting in out-of-the-ordinary situations then adding a leg strap can be a wise choice especially if you’re using a Level II or Level III holster where your draw needs to be straight up and down every time.

What is this for you ask? It complements the Modular Holster Adapter by True North Concepts.

  • High Strength Polymer multi-positional attachment bracket
  • Adjustable 36″ Leg Strap
  • Color Matched Polymer bracket, QD buckle and Triglide
  • Leg Strap bracket cross-compatibility with other popular straps
  • Made in the USA
  • 1.9 oz overall weight