PIG (FDT) Alpha Gloves

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The PIG Alpha Gloves are designed from the ground up for gunfighters. Featuring flex joints for unhindered articulation, the Alpha Gloves won’t shift and twist while moving fingers. Durable materials provide breathability and protection with built-in 1000D padded knuckles and non-intrusive edge padding for added protection. Additionally, the Alpha Gloves are built with conductive material on the index finger and thumb so you can access devices you need without removing your gloves.


  • Conductive Thumb and Trigger Finger for use with touchscreen devices
  • Palm designed to make perfect contact for your shooting grip
  • Isolated trigger finger for maintaining a tactile feel while shooting
  • Ventilated for breathability
  • Low Profile hook closure
  • Flexible joints for maximum dexterity
  • Paracord pull loop
  • 1000D padded knuckles and edge padding for protection

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