Plate Comfort Pads

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Depending on one’s anatomy/ physique, in some cases, armor plates can potentially create an uncomfortable hot spot on the body. The Plate Comfort Pads are an easy way to add padding behind your armor plates inside of a carrier plate bags to aid in user comfort. Our Plate Comfort pads are “trim-to-fit” and are compatible with most armor plates ranging from small/8x10 to X-large/11x14. The trim-to-fit feature also allows the user to custom cut them to their specific armor plate shape or desired shape for a precise fit instead of a pre-shaped pad. These pads can also aid in armor plate fitment inside of carriers by taking up extra space. Thin or odd sized plates can sometimes be hard to retain properly inside of carriers and these pads can help alleviate the issue. Note: If your armor plates are 1” or thicker, these comfort pads may or may not fit inside some carriers due to the internal space limitation in the plate bags.

  • Trim-to-fit design
  • Aids in comfort
  • Aids in plate fitment
  • Compatible with plates ranging small/8x10 to X-large/11x14
  • Approx. 5/16” (0.3125”) thick
  • Sold as a set
  • Made in the USA

ATTENTION! This product offers absolutely ZERO ballistic protection!