Armor Plate Set - Ceramic Composite Level III Special Threat - Medium (10x12)

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This is a wonderful entry level plate set that is actually NIJ 0101.06 Certified. Covered in Wolf Grey fabric. These plates are shooter cut. Meaning, this is not a SAPI cut. It has steeper angles yet is not as steep as a swimmer cut. Each plate weighs in at 5.4 pounds of ceramic composite goodness!

Looking for something that’s lightweight and neutrally buoyant? Take a look at our Duritium® plates, they may be up your alley.


  • NIJ Certified NIJ 0101.06
  • 10” x 12”
  • 1.1” thickness
  • Multicurve
  • Shooters cut SAPI
  • 5.4 pounds per plate
  • Multi-Hit
  • Level lll
  • Stand alone
  • Ceramic composite
  • Plus special threat tested
  • Wolf Grey
  • Fits Medium Carriers
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made in the USA


5.56 x 45 M193 @ 3100-3150 fps
7.62 x 39 M67 @ 2880-2930fps
7.62 x 63 JSP @ 2730-2780 fps
5.56 x 45 M855 @ 3100-3150 fps
7.62 x 39 M43 @ 2340-2390 fps
7.62 x 54r LPS @ 2800-2850 fps


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We do not sell or ship this product to Connecticut, APO, FPO, DPO, or Internationally.